Windows 11 Pro OEM Keys

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Windows 11 Pro, the most recent release by Microsoft, marks a substantial advancement in the field of operating systems. Crafted to provide a smooth and engaging computing experience, Windows 11 Pro introduces a variety of creative and productivity-focused features.

Important Note:

  • Online activation in activation menu, after the installation is finished
  • It cannot be used for an upgrade from the previous Windows versions, it will not work on the “Windows 11 Pro N
  • Does not bind to your Microsoft account
  • Can not be reactivated/transferred to another computer
  • Instant delivery in 2 minutes
  • Activation instructions provided in the email with the key
  • Permanent activation
  • Region: Global
  • Multilingual
  • Updates possible
  • Invoice will automatically generate upon placing an order.
  • Live chat or email support

Windows 11 pro Feature:

  1. Redesigned Start Menu and Taskbar: Windows 11 Pro introduces a centered Start Menu and Taskbar, providing a more streamlined and visually appealing interface. This redesign aims to optimize accessibility and efficiency.
  2. Snap Layouts and Snap Groups: The Snap Layouts and Snap Groups features enable users to organize and manage open windows more effectively. This functionality simplifies multitasking by allowing users to snap applications into customizable layouts for improved productivity.
  3. Direct integration with Microsoft Teams: Windows 11 Pro comes with Microsoft Teams integrated directly into the taskbar, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration. Users can initiate video calls, chat, and share content without the need for a separate application.
  4. Enhanced Gaming Experience: With advancements like Auto HDR, DirectStorage, and a new gaming menu, Windows 11 Pro is designed to provide an improved gaming experience. These features contribute to better graphics, faster loading times, and an overall enhanced gaming performance.
  5. Virtual Desktops and Desktops for Every Need: Windows 11 Pro introduces virtual desktops, allowing users to create customized desktops for different purposes, enhancing organization and workflow management.
  6. Widgets for Personalized Information: The reintroduction of Widgets provides users with at-a-glance personalized information, including news, weather, calendar events, and more. This feature tailors the user experience to individual preferences and needs.
  7. Microsoft Store Redesign: The Microsoft Store undergoes a significant overhaul in Windows 11 Pro, offering a more user-friendly and curated experience. This redesign aims to simplify app discovery and installation.
  8. Compatibility with Android Apps: Windows 11 Pro supports the installation of Android apps directly from the Microsoft Store, expanding the application ecosystem and providing users with a broader range of software options.

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